James O'Doherty

Software Engineer

Bristow, VA
(580) 678-2442

Work Experience

Principal Team Lead

Huntress Labs
2021 — Present

Lead engineer developing the macOS port of the Huntress platform, driving company growth and new sales by delivering our most demanded customer feature.

  • Refactored and ported portions of the Windows agent endpoint software to support cross platform builds, native macOS installation, and macOS specific system information reports.
  • Designed and implemented a self-updater for the Huntress macOS endpoint software.
  • Extended an in-house Python-based endpoint software testing framework called Touchstone to support automating tasks and running integration tests using macOS virtual machines.
  • Implemented monthly cross team retrospectives to identify, share, and address engineering concerns across several cross functional SCRUM teams, helping create a consistent culture.

Software Engineer

2016 — 2021

Developed web-based automation, visualization and data analytics tools for federal customers.

  • Developed a self-service dashboarding and automation tool called Mission Presenter with a lean team of 3-5 engineers that enabled analysts across 18 federal organizations to tackle hundreds of use cases without contracting developers to build custom applications or tools.
  • Implemented microservice based integrations with dozens of upstream data providers, enabling analysts to search thousands of data sources and add one to their dashboard with just a click.
  • Developed a platform called Saturn for handling HTTP requests within ephemeral, sandboxed Docker containers, enabling analysts to quickly build and share small, mission specific tools and APIs by writing and saving Python, Ruby, PHP, and Perl scripts in a web browser.
  • Configured GitLab CI pipelines to build Docker containers and deploy Docker Swarm services.
  • Managed Docker Swarm infrastructure running on bare-metal production Linux servers.

Software Engineer

CACI International Inc.
2015 — 2016

Maintained software baseline for the Lightweight Counter-Mortar Radar (LCMR) system.

  • Fixed issues such as a radar firmware bug that intermittently caused sensor calibration failures.
  • Developed a scriptable installer for deploying updates to the embedded OS on the radar.

Full-Stack Developer

Lawton Marketing Group
2013 — 2015

Developed bespoke web applications and custom websites for businesses, small and large.

  • Developed Ruby on Rails, WordPress, Go and Node.js web applications and services for document branding, event registration, video webinars, and searchable agent directories.
  • Integrated web applications with corporate identity providers using SAML Single Sign On (SSO).
  • Managed Linux and AWS-based hosting for dozens of customer websites and web applications.
  • Developed command-line utilities to automate common tasks and workflows.


Cameron University

Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics